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Pini di Roma

for brass quintet and organ


Ottorino Respighi, arr. Marc Goris


duration : 22 min


Pini di Rome is a four-mouvement symphonic poem which depicts pine trees in four locations in Rome at different times of the day. We hear children playing, priests chanting near a catacomb, a nocturne, a triumphant legion approaching Rome, and more...


This challenging arrangement for brass quintet and organ will give the opportunity to demonstrate all the possible colours and characters with this majestic combination of organ pipes and brass(ery bells).


Marc Goris wrote this arrangement specially for the concert 'Organ Pipes and Brassery Bells' held in the magnificant Sint- Paul's Church in Antwerp, Belgium on 8 december 2018.


Pini di Roma, O. Respighi / arr. Marc Goris


duration : 22. min


parts Included : - Score/ organ

- 1. Trumpet Eb/ Flugelhorn Bb

- 1. Trumpet Bb/ Flugelhorn Bb

- 2. Trumpet C

- 2. Trumpet Bb

- Horn F

- Trombone C

- Tuba C

teaser :

Pini di Roma

for brass quintet and organ

30,00 €

Scarborough Fair

for brass quintet and guitar


English traditional, arr. Marc Goris


duration : 4 min


This arrangement of the English traditional 'Scarborough Fair' shows how well 'brass' and 'strings' can blend together...


PS : The first trumpet part and the guitar part can be played by the same person.


Parts included : - score - guitar part

- 1. Eb cornet - 1. picc. tpt Bb

- 2. trumpet Bb/ flugelhorn Bb

- 3. horn in F - 3. horn in Eb

- 4. trombone C - 4. euphonium Bb

- 5. tuba C - 5. tuba Eb

teaser :

Scarborough Fair : 15,00 €

for brass quintet and guitar

Suite from : 'Mowgli of the Wolf Pack'

for brass quintet


music : Marc Goris


duration : 20 min.

This Suite from: 'Mowgli of the Wolf Pack' for brass quintet, contains the musical theme's from 'Mowgli of the Wolf Pack', a musical tale for brass quintet and narrator (an English recording will be available soon).


Due to the use of different styles of music, and the many solos for the different brass instruments, the Suite from: 'Mowgli of the Wolf Pack' will be a challenge for every brass quintet.

The musicians of the ensemble will have the possibility to translate the well known characters of the 'The Jungle Book' by R. Kipling into music specially written to show the many possibilities of their instrument as to color and character.

Parts included :

- score

- trumpet 1 ( trumpet Bb, picc. tpt Bb, flugelhorn Bb )

- trumpet 2 ( trumpet Bb, flugelhorn Bb )

- horn in F

- trombone C

- tuba C

music composed by Marc Goris


teaser :

Suite from 'Mowgli of the Wolf Pack' : 39,00 €

for brass quintet

Mowgli and the Elephants

for brass quintet


music : Marc Goris


duration : 1min. 30 sec.

'Mowgli and the Elephants' is a short humoristic march for brass quintet, from the musical tale 'Mowgli of the Wolf Pack'.

The brass instruments should trumpet like elephants do !


Parts included :

- score

- trumpet 1: picc. tpt Bb

- trumpet 2: trumpet Bb

- horn in F

- trombone C

- tuba C


teaser :

Mowgli and the Elephants : 6,00 €

for brass quintet

Brassery Fanfare


music : Marc Goris


This fanfare is written to allow pupils, not yet reading sheet music, to participate in a short festive work.

A simple motive is the basis; it will be easily memorized and the fingering is the same for all. It is indeed irrelevant which harmonic they start from, C or G.

If you are looking for a short fanfare to be played by the entire brass-class, … Here it is !


Mowgli of the Wolf Pack

for brass quintet and narrator


based on 'The Junglebook' by Rudyard Kipling


duration : 60 min.

Brassery in its ‘Mowgli of the Wolf Pack’ narrates how a child, a ‘man-cub’, is raised by wolves in a mainly hostile environment to become a young man. It is close to ‘Peter and the Wolf’, but the animals are fiercer, wilder and less predictable. The tale is exciting with flashes of comedy; it touches upon formation of character, learning how to behave in strange situations and how to handle fear. It is a tale of respect, coming of age and separation; it includes nasty boys and a wise panther.

This universal tale resounds in words and music. Brassery attempts to express what words can’t say, how a word may be translated into a thousand sounds. ‘Mowgli of the Wolf Pack’ is a story wherein words and music merge rather than support each other.



Story / original text : Rudyard Kipling

original added Dutch text : Jos Dom

Translation : Jackie Claire

Music : Marc Goris


Parts included : - narrator/ score

- music score

- trumpet 1 ( Trumpet Bb, Piccolo Bb, Flugelhorn Bb )

- trumpet 2 ( Trumpet Bb, Flugelhorn Bb )

- horn in F

- trombone C

- tuba C


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