Mowgli of the Wolf Pack

Brassery in its ‘Mowgli of the Wolf Pack’ narrates how a child, a ‘man-cub’, is raised by wolves in a mainly hostile environment to become a young man. It is close to ‘Peter and the Wolf’, but the animals are fiercer, wilder and less predictable. The tale is exciting with flashes of comedy; it touches upon formation of character, learning how to behave in strange situations and how to handle fear. It is a tale of respect, coming of age and separation; it includes nasty boys and a wise panther.

This universal tale resounds in words and music. Brassery attempts to express what words can’t say, how a word may be translated into a thousand sounds. ‘Mowgli of the Pack of Wolves’ is a story wherein words and music merge rather than support each other.




Story / original text : Rudyard Kipling


Music : Marc Goris


Narrator :


Illustration : Amber Van Dongen


Sound & Technique : Stoffel De Laat


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