Brassery is a musical company that presents brass instruments in an original and lively way. As a brass quintet enriched by rather unusual instruments, the musicians create a wide range of original work. Being familiar with a melting pot of musical styles, they intend to display the versatility of brass players by performing high level accessible

concerts and musical theatre for a broad public.


Marc Goris

          Marc, °1977,  started playing trumpet at the music academy 'MAGO' in Antwerp with Arthur Vanderhoeft.  He studied at the conservatory of Ghent with Benny Wiame,  and finished his studies at the conservatory of Amsterdam with Fritz Damrow.  He attended masterclasses with Hakan Hardenberger,  Reinhold Friedrich,  Urban Agnas,  Allen Vizzuti,  Pierre Dutot and others. 

          As a freelance  musician Marc used to play with Brussels Philharmonic,  the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra,  Ictus- ensemble,  Nadar- ensemble,  de Beethoven Academie...  As well in musicalproductions as:  Scrooge,  Rubens,  Zoo of Live,  Chaplin,  Evita,  the Wizard of Oz,  Fiddler on the Roof,  the Producers,  Oliver!,  Grease,  Les Misérables...

          Marc is a member of 'ensemble a',  that creates new 'concept- concerts' and accompagnes choirs on contemporary instruments as well as on historic instruments.  In this ensemble Marc brings regularly the challenging baroque repertoire on natural trumpet.   

          Marc also arranges and writes music.  In 2016 he wrote the music for the production 'Mowgli van de Wolvenhorde'.  This new selfcreated musical tale for brass quintet and narrator was the ideal moment for him to found Brassery.  Recently he wrote the music and the story of a second project of Brassery,  the new multimedia- project 'De oase van Douz' ( The oasis of Douz).

          Marc is a trumpet teacher at the 'Academie voor Muzische Kunsten Meise', at 'the Academie voor muziek, woord & dans MA'GO te Antwerpen' , at the 'Gemeentelijke Academie voor Muziek en Woord Brasschaat and at the 'Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek en Woord Hoboken'.  From 2016 till 2018 he also gave trumpet- lessons at the elemantary school De Schakel in Hoboken, in the context of the social 'opMaat'- project of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

Birger Embrechts


Sint- Jozefs College Herentals (Moderne talen, Handelswetenschappen)

Lemmensinstituut Kunsthumaniora Leuven

Lemmensinstituut Hogeschool Leuven

Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Conservatorium Antwerpen


Il Novecento Maastricht

          Freelance trumpet player for productions like Night of the Proms

          NotP is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark,                             Sweden and the USA

André Rieu Productions Maastricht (2006- 2010)

Freelance trumpet player,

Temporary projects (2002 - )

          Orchestras: BSO, Marsias, Collegium Vocale, Kamerorkest Vlaanderen

          European Filharmonia, Euregio

          Pop Music: Hooverphonic, Helmut Lotti, New Bis band

          Musicals: Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Les Misérables, Oliver, VMT

          Natural trumpet: Collegium Vocale, Ensemble a 

          Soprano cornet: brassband Willebroek, brassband Metropole, KFSI orchestra  

Hans Verhulst

Tom Verschoore

          Tom started music at the age of 9 in the music academy of Koekelare, where he followed music theory, AMV, instrument (piano, trumpet, bugle, percussion and saxophone) and ensemble playing. Between 1992 and 1996 he attended the art academies at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven and the art academies in Ghent, where he made the transition from trumpet to euphonium.

          In 1996 Tom started his bass tuba studies at the Antwerp Conservatory, where he switched to trombone with Ben Haemhouts ( solo trombone player Bamberger Symfoniker) in early 1997. In 1999 He studied at the conservatory of Amsterdam where he followed trombone (with Ivan Meylemans) and music education and successfully completed his studies in 2001. Tom also attended masterclasses with Joe Burnam (Italy), Joseph Alessi (USA), Jürgen van Reijen (The Netherlands), Alain Trudel (Canada), Ian Bousfield (England),… 

          As a freelancer, Tom worked with various orchestras in both the classical and other styles of music : Belgian Brass Ensemble, Sam Vloemans and Band, Quintet Indigo, the Flemish Radio Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra , Il Novecento, the Vlopera, the Royal Philharmonic of Flanders, the Beethoven Academy, L 'Orchester Philharmonique de Liège, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Champ d' action and Hermesensemble, El tattoo del tigre, Gabriel Rios, Spearhead, Michael Franti and various big bands , including the The Crazy Bruno Vansina Bigband.

          Tom was employed as a trombonist at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie from 2004 to 2006. Since 2006 he has been trombonist (1st soloist) at the Royal Music Chapel of the Guides, where he has performed several works as a soloist.

          He has also been a low brass teacher since 2005 at the Academy of Musical Arts Meis

Tobe Wouters

          Tobe, ° 1976, Leuven, studied bass tuba at the Ghent conservatory with Staf De Volder and at the Antwerp conservatory with Hendrik-Jan Renes.             

          He was a permanent member of the Liège Opera, played in the Flanders Symphony Orchestra for many years, and traveled around the world for 10 years with Think of One, Orchester International du Vetex, ...          

          He is a much sought-after studio musician for Think of One, Mauranne, Raymond, Arno, Scoreman, Zita Swoon, Hannelore Bedert, The Sound House, Rocco Granata, Brussels Philharmonic, Orchester International du Vetex, Captain Winokio, ...          

          He toured with Kommil Foo, Theater Luxembourg, Spirial consort, Tutti fratelli, Madredeus, Opera Flanders, De Munt, Pieter Embrechts, Circus Marcel, Rumble in the Jungle, Kar Kar Kar, Brassery...