Mowgli of the Wolf Pack

Mowgli of the Wolf Pack

for brass quintet and narrator

          Have you ever encountered a musical storytelling experience quite like this since "Peter and the Wolf"? If there were any attempts, they certainly didn't achieve the same level of success. "Mowgli of the Wolf Pack," based on Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, is poised to change that!

(Marjo, April 25, 2017,

          "...The synergy of the ensemble isn't just as beautiful and warm as a jungle's sunset and the love for and of Mowgli, but also as raw as Shere-Khan, as humorous and hypnotic as Kaa, as raucous as a pack of young wolves, and as shaky as the old Akela, adapting seamlessly to each character and moment of action... The music immerses you in the scenes, from the beginning with night falling over the jungle to the conclusion when Mowgli encounters a human girl...

... This is a recommendation that's grittier and more authentic than many other adaptations, providing a true appreciation for storytelling artistry and beautiful music."

(Marjolein Noé - November 2017,


          Brassery's "Mowgli of the Wolf Pack" narrates the journey of a human child raised by wolves in a frequently hostile world, evolving into a young man. It's a bit like "Peter and the Wolf," but with animals that are somewhat wilder, edgier, and less predictable. Always thrilling, and occasionally quite comical.

Thematically, the project explores identity formation, dealing with the unfamiliar, fear, and comfort. It's a tale of respect, of coming and going, of farewells, but certainly also a fantastic story of mischievous boys and wise panthers.

          Text and music harmoniously convey this universal narrative, pushing the boundaries of what music can convey when words fall short, demonstrating how a single word can be translated into a thousand sounds. "Mowgli of the Wolfpack" is a storytelling experience where text, imagery, and music strengthen each other, rather than merely being a musically accompanied monologue.

Story / original text : Rudyard Kipling

original added Dutch text : Jos Dom

Translation : Jackie Clare

Music : Marc Goris

Narrator :  Richard Wells

Illustration : Amber Van Dongen

Sound & Technique : Stoffel de Laat,  Studio C

Mowgli of the Wolf Pack

duration : 60 min.

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Narrator :  Richard Wells

          Richard Wells is a former BBC World Service newsreader, announcer.

He has voiced more than 8,000 documentaries, corporate videos, radio, cinema & TV commercials, e-learning programmes and websites.

          His versatile, voice with an astounding range of accents and character voices is heard throughout the world, from Singapore to San Francisco, Bangkok to Bucharest.