The oasis of Douz

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The oasis of Douz

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The oasis of Douz

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          By this application Brassery offers a platform to create your own musical story and complete it with your own drawings and pictures. You may add percussion or drums and add your own choice of musical fragments created by Brassery.  

          The result may be downloaded as your own creation; there is even a possibility for a performance of your creation accompanied by Brassery itself.

included in app :

the musical tale

The oasis of Douz

a cuckoo's story

for brass quintet and narrator

duration: 15 min.


          The tale ‘The oasis of Douz, a cuckoo's story’ is about the adventurous trip of a cuckoo to North Africa and the wonderful things and events he sees and experiences.

He gets wounded, slowly starts to regret home and finally decides to return.

While returning he travels with a caravan, crosses the sea to reach Europe on board of a pirate’s ship and travels through Spain and France. Once at home again he decides to return every winter to Africa in order to see and enjoy time and time again these wonderful things.  So the cuckoo became a migrant bird.


          At each location where our traveler stays the tale is accompanied by music in the typical local style.  You will thus hear a caravan in the desert, a Spanish malaguena, a French musette, a wild boat ride and more …


          In a lively and goodhumored way ‘The oasis of Douz’ is an illustration of the regions mentioned and their own musical talent and style.

narrator: Richard Wells

brass quintet Brassery

music: Marc Goris

original dutch text: Wim Urgel

translation:  Wilfred Goris

text adaptation: Richard Wells

illustrations: Marijke Van den Acker

on bandcamp :

illustrations :

zonder tekst, 8. de droom mini
zonder tekst, 2. een rijke sjeik mini
zonder tekst, 3. de oase mini
zonder tekst, dief mini
zonder tekst, 5. de karavaan mini
zonder tekst, 6. de zee mini
zonder tekst, 7. Spanje mini
tekeningen Douz, zonder tekst mini
zonder tekst, 9. Frankrijk mini
zonder tekst, 10. terug thuis mini

sheet music, 

The oasis of Douz

a cuckoo's story

for narrator and 5- part flexible ensemble

duration : 15 min.

available at

Marijke Van den Acker